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Data protection law consulting

As a data protection consultant, we support your company in a variety of ways. Whether you want to establish a new business model, put new software into operation or redesign your processes - taking data protection considerations into account at an early stage can save you a lot of worries later on.

Our consulting services are tailored to your needs:

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized companies and associations often face the challenge of only having few available resources for the topic of data protection. There is also often little expertise available - especially since neither a legal department nor an in-house data protection officer can provide support. At the same time, SMEs and associations also run the risk of having to pay fines or damages if data protection rules are violated.

Our consulting services therefore particularly focus on minimizing risks. Common pitfalls can often be eliminated with little effort (and cost). In particular, documents with external impact (privacy policies, consent forms) can be revised or provided by us. We can also assist you with the implementation of new software or processes and provide you with data protection safeguards.

If you are interested in a long-term cooperation, you can also appoint us as external data protection officers. In doing so, we get to know you in an iterative process and can provide quick and uncomplicated assistance when needed. This is particularly important in the event of data leaks, where it is sometimes necessary to respond with a report to the supervisory authority within 72 hours in order to avoid fines.


Start-ups - especially in the field of digitalization or information technology - are often faced with the challenge of having to correctly capture a technology that is often not yet widely known in terms of data protection law. Furthermore, a data protection-friendly or data protection-compliant design of the service/product is essential in order not to waste resources already in the development phase.

Since lexICT has its roots in academia, we are no strangers to evaluating new technologies. In the case of start-ups, our main focus is not only on avoiding common pitfalls such as faulty/missing data protection declarations, but also on providing long-term strategic advice. By identifying potential risks and problem areas at an early stage, these can be minimized and often even completely avoided.

Depending on the size of your start-up, you can also appoint us as external data protection officers. We offer well-scalable contract models and consulting concepts to meet the limited or uncertain resources of start-ups.


Larger companies and those with complex processing activities

Larger companies - or those whose main area of business is the (complex) processing of personal data - often already have a certain level of expertise, possibly an in-house data protection officer, and basic processes already established.

Nevertheless, special challenges often arise, especially with regard to a large number of employees/customers or the requirement for particularly complex technical processes. LexICT can support you with years of expertise and - in keeping with our background in research - our passion for solving particularly complex issues. Our CEO, Prof. Schmieder, as well as our Of-Counsels Prof. Cornelius-Krügel, and Prof. Forgó, are renowned and experienced professors.

In this respect, our consulting services focus not only on the recording and processing of complex (technical) facts, but also on the development of solutions that are as pragmatic and feasible as possible. In doing so, we always keep your long-term business goals and the resulting strategic considerations in mind.

The advantages of lexICT

  • Pragmatic - we don't create problems, we solve them
  • Personal - we work closely with you and adapt to your needs
  • Forward thinking - we have your long-term goals and developments in mind
  • Economical - we do not inflate hours but minimize effort and costs as much as possible
  • Efficient - we spare your resources so that you can focus on your tasks
  • Flexible - you can scale our scope of services according to your needs

Our Consulting Concepts

Full Service

You have no desire for or expertise in data protection?As a full service, we offer you the handling of your complete data protection management: coordination of tasks, review and monitoring of processes, provision of guidelines and documents, training of employees, documentation, and much more.

Support for your DPO

You already have a company data protection officer or data protection coordinator, but do not have the resources or expertise to handle all tasks in their entirety? We provide targeted and needs-based support for your employees and enable proper data protection management by your employees.

Single projects

If you already have a functioning data protection management system, but still need support for individual processes or projects, e.g., because they are particularly complex or important, or because your own resources are insufficient, we will be happy to support you in selected areas only.


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... is a data protection consulting firm based in Hanover (Germany) and Vienna (Austria), that places great value on individual consulting and the development of pragmatic solutions. Our team consists exclusively of lawyers who have specialized in data protection and have the certain nerd factor to optimally fill the niche between law and technology.

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